Creating a smarter, more sustainable future through innovation

Are you looking for an expert in innovation and entrepreneurship? You are welcome! Let me introduce myself: my name is Maher WANNES, I am a passionate researcher and creator of new technologies with more than 18 years of experience in the sector. With my extensive knowledge and expertise in developing new technologies, I am your ideal choice to improve your daily life through technological advances.

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Innovation is about taking risks, stepping out of our comfort zone and challenging what has already been done. By doing so, we can create new solutions, new technologies and new ways to improve our world.

Improve your life with technology

Do you want to improve your daily life through new technologies? You want to call on the best expert in the field? You are at the right place! Passionate about technology, I have been a researcher and creator of new technologies for almost 20 years. With my extensive knowledge and expertise in the development of new technologies, I am your ideal choice. Starting tomorrow, you can improve your daily life by using our services.

Ameliorez votre vie grace a la technologie maher wannes maher wannes
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Maher Wannes, Researcher, Designer and Entrepreneur

I am a creator of new technologies. Through my research expertise, determination to go the extra mile, and commitment to making the world a better place, I have achieved an undisputed place in the technology industry. My company provides innovative solutions designed to improve your life. Our products are the result of many years of research and development. They are designed to be easy to use, reliable and effective. Through our superior products, I have been fortunate to become a recognized name in some of the world’s most advanced technological innovations

Professional experience

18 years of experience in the digital world. Over the years, I have developed an unparalleled expertise. My years of experience have allowed me to acquire an in-depth knowledge of various aspects, including SEO, SEM and artificial intelligence.

Expertise in SEO, SEM and artificial intelligence

My expertise in SEO, SEM and artificial intelligence has been witness to many successes for my clients. I have helped companies of all sizes optimize their online presence and achieve their marketing goals. In addition, I have developed a series of innovative marketing tools that have helped companies maximize their impact on their customers. My expertise in artificial intelligence has also allowed me to improve the services I offer to businesses, providing them with more effective solutions that are better adapted to their needs.

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My creations

As a passionate entrepreneur in the digital world, I’ve had the chance to create several marketing tools to help businesses optimize their online presence. Here are some of my creations.

Marketing tools created by Maher Wannes


Creation 2017 - 2018 / Product used for the creation of Rank4win

WP WritUp is a WordPress plugin that was developed to check and optimize the quality of writing for SEO. It offers a different approach to writing by allowing the user to specify a main keyword, secondary keywords and lexical keywords, in order to improve semantics in real time. It is easy to install and does not require any additional configuration. Everything happens when you create an article. In fact, when adding a new article, the user needs to activate the plugin by pressing the On/Off button, choose the language and country for which the article is intended and set the main keyword. WP WritUp offers a nice and light interface that blends in with the background and can help improve your website’s SEO.

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Creation 2019 - 2020 / Product sold in 2022

The Rank4Win WordPress SEO plugin, is a semantic cocoon generator tool that helps you reach the first page of Google in three steps. First, you define the keywords of your site and choose those with the highest potential. Then, the plugin optimizes your writing using the main, secondary and lexical keywords. Finally, the plugin creates a semantic structure for your site with an optimal lexical hierarchy and internal linking for a boost to your site. With this plugin, it is easy to quickly find the relevant keywords for your site, as it automatically suggests the best keywords for your strategy. Finally, you gain an improved semantic structure, for a clear understanding by search engines and a better ranking in search engine results.

Creation 2020 - 2020 / Product sold to a startup (USA)

Ghostlink is a link obfuscation WordPress plugin that offers advanced technology to improve your site’s SEO. It preserves the power of PageRank by making links invisible to search engines, thus avoiding wasting SEO juice on general pages or external links. This plugin also allows you to manage all the links on your site and avoid losing SEO power by using No Follow. It is also designed to be user friendly (UX friendly) by allowing you to keep call to action buttons and navigation links, without compromising the user experience and site design.

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Videoconferencing tool

Visio4You / MyVisio

Creation 2020 - / Product sold to one of the American leaders (Alphabet)

Visio4You is a fully encrypted French video conferencing solution that does not collect or store any personal data. It runs on a cloud platform managed by artificial intelligence. It is easy to use, fast and reliable. The video conference can accommodate up to 1,000 participants simultaneously, with easy and intuitive screen sharing. HD video and audio deliver pristine quality, even with low bandwidth. No need to download software or register for attendees; starting or joining a meeting is just a click away. The solution is easy to use and requires no configuration. It is free for individuals, agencies and businesses.

Artificial Intelligence tools created by Maher Wannes

Creation 2021 - In service

MyDubbing is a platform for dubbing videos in several languages thanks to artificial intelligence. MyDubbing allows you to quickly and easily dub your videos in just a few minutes, without spending thousands of euros. All you have to do is send or indicate the URL of the video to be dubbed, choose the language of the original and output version, as well as the desired voice-over. MyDubbing also adds subtitles to the video. This tool is used by start-ups, SMEs, large organizations, NGOs, but also influencers and bloggers to conquer new markets and lead teams internationally, without language barriers. MyDubbing is an easy to use SaaS, accessible without installation and quickly shareable. It offers quality audio dubbing in the language of your choice in record time.

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Creation 2022 - In use / Product sold to an airline

BienFly, a smart travel platform that offers cheap airline tickets thanks to the use of artificial intelligence. By simply indicating your departure city and destination, you can get the best prices over a whole year (currently, it is the only platform that informs about prices all year long and not just month by month or in a maximum of 6 months) with discounts up to 80%. Thanks to NotiLive notifications, you can follow in real time the price evolution of several destinations. BienFly finds the right price, saves you time by comparing fares and finds you the best date for a trip. The platform takes no commission and guarantees customer privacy. BienFly has learned 10 years of price data, offers, discounts, dates and changes made by airlines, so as to anticipate market fluctuations with a price difference of no more than 5 euros. An incredible achievement in the world of travel.

Creation 2022 / Under development

The HelloAqar real estate platform is an intelligent solution for your real estate projects in Spain. With a team of experienced professionals and an ultra-powerful artificial intelligence, we accompany you from the beginning to the end of your project. We offer you a VIP support service to defend your interests as a buyer and avoid any conflict of interest.
Our real estate services include the complete management of your project, from the feasibility to the signature at a notary’s office. We take care of the administrative and legal procedures, work estimates, etc. Also included in the price are the lawyer’s fees, who in Spain act as a notary.
Our agencies cover the whole of Europe and assure you of a trusted real estate expert on site.
Everything is included in our turnkey offer; like an organized trip, but in the context of a real estate acquisition. One of our specialists will show you the properties, adapted to your project, on video. You will only have to plan one trip: the final trip. Finally, HelloAqar offers you the possibility to sign the deed of sale, by proxy.

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Creation 2022 / Under development

Mourouj Ai is an artificial intelligence solution dedicated to agriculture. It helps farmers improve the productivity and quality of their crops through data analysis and informed decision making. It includes a high-definition surveillance camera and AI designed to provide weather forecasting, crop management, irrigation optimization, yield prediction and data analysis capabilities. Benefits of this solution include improved crop productivity and quality, informed decision making through data analysis, and preventive interventions through detection of crop health issues. The monitoring camera offers wide coverage, high image resolution, wide viewing angle, 20 cm distance for use on coffee plants (among others), secure cloud data storage, USB cable power and internet connection to operate properly, and exceptional image quality including brightness, high frame rate, increased sensitivity, wide dynamic range, advanced distortion correction, superior lenses, and advanced image processing.


Sharing your knowledge is like turning on a light in the darkness. By learning from someone else, you illuminate your own knowledge and understand yourself better.

Maher Wannes is a renowned speaker in the digital world. He has participated in more than 20 conferences, including 15 in France and 5 internationally. He shares his expertise in SEO, SEM, and artificial intelligence with the public to help them understand how to use these tools to improve their business.

Some of the topics covered at his conferences include:

  • Video Marketing and SEO
  • Business model canvas and SEO
  • Creating the best structure for Google
  • Making money before fundraising
  • The power of SEM in business
  • Boosting the economy of a country with SEM
  • Etc.


Maher Wannes is a recognized expert in the digital world. He shares his knowledge and expertise through several videos on YouTube and Facebook. These cover a wide range of topics, from online marketing strategy to artificial intelligence. Maher Wannes’ videos are often acclaimed for their clear and concise presentation, as well as their high quality content.


In addition to his videos, Maher Wannes also offers online webinars for professionals around the world. These webinars are designed to help people improve their digital marketing and artificial intelligence skills. They often include hands-on demonstrations, in-depth discussions on relevant topics and Q&A with participants


Maher Wannes is often interviewed by digital professionals and the media to discuss his insights and expertise. His commentaries are highly regarded for their accuracy and depth, as well as their ability to provide unique perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of the digital world.


Maher Wannes was recognized for his expertise and communication skills by winning Speechless Live 2018. This competition showcases the most talented speakers on the international stage, and Maher Wannes’ win demonstrates his commitment to sharing his knowledge with others.


The success of my clients is my personal challenge. My success exists only through the success of my clients.

In addition to his publications and media appearances, Maher Wannes is also a private consultant for companies and a mentor for start-ups. He helps companies improve their digital marketing strategy and get the most out of artificial intelligence. His advice is often appreciated for its practical approach and ability to provide concrete solutions to business challenges.